Target Stores Breach Information

Target Stores has reported a potential security breach regarding debit and credit cards used at their stores recently. The Secret Service and other entities are working with Target to obtain additional information.

We wanted to provide you with the following important information:

  • We are aware of the incident and are working with VISA and others.
  • We monitor your debit and credit card activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for suspicious transactions and will contact you immediately if we identify a suspect transaction.  This is usually done by phone if you have provided Fidelity with your contact information (home and cell phone).
  • Please continue to monitor your account and should you see any unauthorized activity, let us know immediately.
  • In order to minimize any disruption to your holidays we will not be blocking or de-activating any accounts where no suspicious activity has been identified.  However, we will be sending you a new check card and PIN in the mail within the next 30 days as a safety precaution.  If you would like to have your check card re-issued immediately, please call your local branch or (855) 547-1385 for assistance.
  • We have been advised that members who have a Target REDcard should contact Target directly for additional information.
If you have any further concerns or questions please contact your local Fidelity Bank Branch.