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Business Alerts

Stay in the know, on the go with Alerts at Fidelity Bank. Enroll in Alerts through Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking or Online Banking to help you monitor your accounts. Set up account and transaction level alerts for added security and peace of mind.

Keep Tabs on Your Account With Alerts

Stay up-to-date with real-time alerts to help you keep tabs on your account and take action when needed. With over 100 alerts to choose from, Alerts at Fidelity Bank allows you to select the alerts you want to see and how you want to receive them – email, secure mail, text message, or push notification.

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Customize alerts to notify you when specific transactions occur

Get balance updates and payment reminders

Set up security alerts to keep you informed about unusual activity

Take a Tour of Alerts

Keep better track of your money and protect your account with real-time alerts. Learn about the types of alerts available to you and how to set them up.

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Ready to Get Started?

Enrollment is easy! To get started, simply complete our convenient Online Banking enrollment form and put your bank at your fingertips. If you’re already enrolled in Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking or Online Banking, simply visit the Alerts menu to get started.

Business Advantage Online Banking

Business Advantage Online Banking is the perfect solution for businesses that have more complex cash management needs. This secure service gives you convenient, around-the-clock access to your business accounts.

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Cash Management Solutions

Put our cash management solutions to work for your business. Fidelity Bank’s cash management services allow your business to improve cash flow, maximize profit, reduce costs, and have more control over your everyday banking functions.

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Business Checking Accounts

Fidelity Bank offers a variety of business checking accounts that are easy to use, will save you time, and provide peace of mind. Explore our business checking accounts to determine the account that works best for the needs of your business.

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Digital Banking Makes it Easy

Your world is made simpler with the help of technology, and banking is no different. Digital banking with Fidelity Bank lets you do many of your banking tasks conveniently from your mobile device. Get secure access to your accounts so you can manage your money anywhere, anytime with Mobile Banking. Easily make payments using Digital Wallet. Get money into your account faster with Mobile Deposit. Digital banking makes it easy to do it all from your phone or computer.

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