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Cash Management

Streamline Your Business with
Cash Management Services

Put our cash management solutions to work for your business. Fidelity Bank’s cash management services allow your business to improve cash flow, maximize profit, reduce costs, and have more control over your everyday banking functions. We have the right tools for your business.


Send money electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to virtually any financial institution in the US.

  • checkSubmit payroll
  • checkMake vendor payments
  • checkCollect payments, dues, and recurring drafts

Wire Transfer

Make secure, same-day payments to accounts at other domestic and international financial institutions.

  • checkSubmit wire requests any time
  • checkSet up single, recurring, or future-dated wire transfers
  • checkCreate templates of frequent payees for fast and easy transfers

Fraud Prevention

Our Positive Pay, ACH Filter, and ACH Block services protect your business from fraud by easily detecting fraudulent checks and ACH transactions.

  • checkMinimize the potential for fraudulent check activity
  • checkReview pending ACH transactions
  • checkBlock ACH transactions not authorized by you

Account Reconciliation

This convenient service helps save time and money on the expenses associated with reconciling your checking account.

  • checkAutomatically reconcile checks paid against your account
  • checkCentralize cash by making deposits from multiple business locations into a single checking account
  • checkSave money on bank fees and in-house expenses by eliminating multiple deposit accounts and funds transfers

Electronic Data Interchange

This service helps to apply electronic payments accurately by searching ACH transaction files for information such as invoice and purchase order numbers.

  • checkReduces errors resulting from manual payment processes
  • checkProvides certainty of payment timeliness
  • checkSubstitutes electronic messages for paper and speeds payment application

Remote Deposit Service

Using the latest imaging technology, scan checks received from your customers and electronically transmit them to us for processing.

  • checkMake deposits easily from the convenience of your office
  • checkExtend deposit deadlines
  • checkEnhance security and accuracy of deposits

Zero Balance Accounts

Automatically maintain your payment and depository account at a zero balance by transferring funds from or to your operating account.

  • checkEliminate idle balances in payment accounts to increase investment income and reduce borrowing costs
  • checkPrevent overdrafts and related costs
  • checkEliminate the need to initiate manual transfers

Wholesale Lockbox Service

Speed up the collection of funds and save time and money. Let the lockbox center process all of your deposits and clear payments promptly.

  • checkReduces in-house processing costs
  • checkAccelerates the collection of receivables and makes funds available faster
  • checkReduces the possibility of theft, fraud, and error

Fidelity Bank Also Provides Merchant Services

An EMV payment terminal, virtual terminal, and mobile processing, and much more are available.

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Make Business Banking Easier

Fidelity Bank’s Business Advantage service provides convenient, 24/7 account access and management for businesses with more complex cash management needs. Make payments on commercial loans, initiate domestic and foreign wire transfers, originate ACH files for business needs, and more.
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Fidelity Bank At Work

The Fidelity Bank At Work program provides employees of an enrolled business with a suite of resources to make the most of their finances. Resources include checking and savings accounts, digital banking, financial wellness check-ups, discounts on select lending solutions, buyer’s protection and extended warranty, prescriptions, vision, and hearing discounts, and much more.

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