Banking Right by You®

North Carolina-based Fidelity Bank provides vital support and financial guidance for community families and small business owners.

“Right By You® is more than just a tagline at Fidelity Bank. It’s our commitment to be there when customers need us and do the little things that make their lives easier,” says Mary Willis, president and CEO. “It’s why our community’s businesses and families come to us first—and stay to bank with us for generations.”

Founded as the Bank of Fuquay, Fidelity Bank first opened for business in 1909 with a mission to serve and support the local tobacco industry. Over 100 years later, the $3.8 billion financial institution rivals the nation’s largest corporate banks but remains true to its deep community roots.

“My father started with Fidelity Bank in the 1950s when we had just two locations and $5 million in assets. I grew up watching him build our institution’s capabilities and community connections as bank president,” says Willis, who began her own career with the bank as a teller at age 17. After graduating with an accounting degree from East Carolina University, she rejoined Fidelity Bank’s accounting team while earning her CPA license and her place as chief financial officer.

Today, Willis now leads an impressive network of more than 500 exceptional employees at 57 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, and southern Virginia. “Every bank wants to grow bigger, but I’m more interested in how we can grow better,” she explains. “That comes down to listening to our customers. It’s not about where I want Fidelity Bank to go or what products and services I think we should offer. What do our customers want? What services do they need? That’s how we determine how to grow.

Backing Communities and Businesses

Every bank offers loans and accounts, but Fidelity Bank stands out by providing trusted support and financial guidance for community families and small business owners.

“I want to make a difference in our communities and provide customers an experience they can’t get elsewhere,” explains Willis. “We believe in building relationships, not treating customers like they’re just a number or transaction. Our customers know we’re here to help. We know them by name.”

From giving back to community nonprofits to backing local small businesses with vital lending and support, Fidelity Bank’s team snaps into action when customers need a helping hand. The bank was one of the first institutions across North Carolina and Virginia to deliver Paycheck Protection Program relief after mounting a massive, company-wide effort that funded over $490 million to more than 5,000 small businesses in near record time.

“We don’t lend on Wall Street. We lend on Main Street,” says Willis. “Small businesses are what truly drive our communities. And we’re proudly in their corner, no matter what that takes. Because when our community succeeds, we all succeed.”