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Soft Token
Authentication User Guide

Soft tokens are an additional security measure to protect your account. This guide will help you set up and maintain your Soft Token Authentication with Fidelity Bank.

Activating Your DIGIPASS Soft Token

a diagram of steps 1 & 2

a diagram of step 3

IMPORTANT! Do NOT let the device go to sleep during the activation process!

A diagram of step 4

Note: You will need to log out of Business Online Banking then back in before you can send your first transaction.

Completing Security Challenges Using Your DIGIPASS Soft Token

If you are required to complete a Security Challenge to approve or initiate transactions such as ACH or wire transfers, you will be asked to provide a Digital Signature or a One-Time Password to complete the challenge.

A diagram of providing a digital signature

A diagram of Providing a one-time password

Logging in to Business Online Banking Using Your DIGIPASS Soft Token

A diagram of Steps 1 & 2

A diagram of Step 3

Note: This is an option that must be turned on by Fidelity Bank. The token must be activated before it can be used for login purposes.

Soft Token FAQs

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