Mobile Banking FAQs

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact your local branch.

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile deposit allows you to deposit checks from your iPhone, Android Phone, or iPad Tablet. Simply take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check, and then submit it for deposit to your Fidelity Bank checking or savings account. For full details, please refer to the Fidelity Bank Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions.

For business customers, please refer to our Fidelity Bank Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions for Businesses.

Why do I not have the Mobile Deposit option on my phone?

In order to have mobile deposit, users must install the app.

Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?

Fidelity Bank does not currently charge a fee to use Mobile Deposit.

What is the maximum deposit limit for Mobile Deposit?

The maximum deposit limit is $5,000 per day for Personal and Small Business Online users and $10,000 per day for Business Advantage Online users.

How many deposits can I make in one day?

There are no limits for the number of deposits you can make per day. However, you cannot exceed the maximum daily limits.

What is the per check limit?

The per check limit is $5,000 per day for Personal and Small Business Online users and $10,000 per day for Business Advantage Online users.

When will my deposits be available?

If deposits are made before 5:00 p.m. EST, the deposit will generally post the same day if the deposit is deemed acceptable during Mobile Deposit review. If the deposit is made after 5:00 p.m. EST, then it would generally post the next business day. Deposits are subject to verification and any applicable holds.

Is an endorsement required for Mobile Deposit?

All checks should be properly endorsed prior to deposit. In addition to signing the back of the check, add “For Mobile Deposit Only Fidelity Bank” under the signature.

What should I do with my paper check?

Upon confirming that you received full credit for the check deposited, you must destroy the check by shredding or other means, or clearly mark “VOID” or “Electronically Deposited” on the front and back of the check.

What devices are supported?

Brand/ Manufacturer ModelOSiPhone AppAndroid Phone AppFingerprint Login Supported
AppleiPhone 5SiOSYNY
AppleiPhone 6iOSYNY
AppleiPhone 6 PlusiOSYNY
AppleiPhone 6SiOSYNY
AppleiPhone 6S PlusiOSYNY
AppleiPhone 7iOSYNY
AppleiPhone 7 PlusiOSYNY
AppleiPhone 8 iOSYNY
AppleiPhone 8 PlusiOSYNY
AppleiPhone SEiOSYNY
AppleiPhone XiOSYNN (Face ID)
AppleiPhone XRiOSYNN (Face ID)
AppleiPhone XSiOSYNN (Face ID)
AppleiPhone XS MaxiOSYNN (Face ID)
GooglePixel 2AndroidNYY
GooglePixel 2 XLAndroidNYY
GooglePixel 3AndroidNYY
GooglePixel 3 XLAndroidNYY
HTCOne M9AndroidNYN
HuaweiNexus 6PAndroidNYY
LGK20 PlusAndroidNYN
LGNexus 5AndroidNYN
LGStylo 3AndroidNYN
MotorolaMoto GAndroidNYN
MotorolaMoto XAndroidNYN
MotorolaMoto Z2 ForceAndroidNYY
MotorolaMoto Z2 PlayAndroidNYY
MotorolaMoto Z Force DroidAndroidNYY
One Plus6TAndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy J7AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy Note 3AndroidNYN
SamsungGalaxy Note 4AndroidNYN
SamsungGalaxy Note 5AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy Note 8AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy Note 9AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S4AndroidNYN
SamsungGalaxy S5AndroidNYN
SamsungGalaxy S6AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeAndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge PlusAndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S7AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S7 ActiveAndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeAndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S8AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S8 PlusAndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S9AndroidNYY
SamsungGalaxy S9 PlusAndroidNYY

What types of checks can I deposit?

Fidelity Bank Mobile Deposit will accept several check types. Checks must be payable to and endorsed by the account holder. Listed below are items allowed and not allowed for deposit:

Checks allowed for deposit:

• Personal, business and government checks payable in U.S. dollars
• Checks drawn on a U.S. bank
• Checks payable to and endorsed by the account holder

Checks not allowed for deposit:

• U.S. Postal Money Orders and savings bonds
• Foreign or international checks
• Traveler’s Cheques
• Third Party checks
• Money Orders
• Convenience checks or checks drawn on a line of credit

Can I view previous deposits in the mobile app?

Previous deposits and status are available from the Deposits History screen for up to 30 days.

What if I accidentally send a check for deposit twice?

Any item presented twice will be a duplicate. The item will be rejected.