Todd Owens, Vice President and Senior Business Development Officer, of Fidelity Bank in Greensboro, was selected for the February 2018 Young Banker Spotlight! A hard worker, Todd obtained his MBA while working full time and is currently continuing to better himself in his second year at the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University. He is also a graduate of Leadership Greensboro, Leadership Alamance, and Leadership Randolph. It’s no wonder, then, that Todd is so actively devoted to promoting financial literacy.

Todd has served on the Salvation Army Board of Directors since 2012, before which he served on the Junior Achievement Advisory Board and the Alamance Citizens for Education Board. In 2016 he joined the YMCA Camp Weaver Advisory Board; Camp Weaver, for those who haven’t had the chance to visit, is the host organization of the NCBA’s Camp Challenge! Suffice it to say, Todd takes pride in the opportunities he has had to help bring financial literacy to the youth.

His love for helping others doesn’t stop at youth outreach, however. He wants to help everyone in his community achieve their dreams. In his own words:

As a community oriented commercial banker, I am constantly wearing my banker “hat”, both on and off the job after business hours. Meeting and speaking to people at their homes, work and play—I have a sincere desire to help others succeed through my profession. It is never about a transaction or selling them anything. Instead, it is about consultative value-adding advice that results in a mutually beneficial relationship. I often tell the people I meet, I fully believe that even if they never decide to open an account with me or apply for a loan, if they will just talk to me once or twice a year, I will still add value to their business. By just periodically staying in touch, they will be engaged in conversations that will make them think deeper about their business and the market they serve. They are free to take the advice back to his or her banker for implementation if they are most comfortable and choose to do so.

The goal is to foster a context where a business owner or individual thinks of me when a need in their community arises. Some of the most meaningful and fulfilling moments in my banking career have been speaking to people in which I could not immediately provide with professional assistance. It’s important to take just as much time with the person who may not qualify for a loan as your top borrower, if not more. Advise them on a plan to get where they want to be. You will be surprised on how many times those situations come back around full circle, and you eventually have the opportunity to help a person reach a goal or a life-long dream. That is the ultimate reward and the platform for a satisfying and meaningful career.

So as Todd says, he isn’t in the banking industry for the money—he’s in it for the people he meets in his community. Due to his empathy, his generous nature, and his devotion to helping everyone he meets, Todd Owens is the Young Banker we have chosen to spotlight this month. Congratulations, Todd!

– Article written by Scott Brownlow of the North Carolina Young Bankers Association