Hit Pause On Your Card

Manage your cards with CardControl. Manage usage and spending easily right from Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking

Imagine having the ability to control and protect your card from the convenience of your mobile device: control how much money can be spent receive real-time alert messages when your card is approved or denied, and have the ability to turn your card off and on in the event it was misplaced or stolen. Now you can with Fidelity Bank CardControl! CardControl allows you to:

  • Guard against unauthorized usage by turning your card off in the event of a misplaced card
  • Control your spending by setting dollar limits on debit card transactions
  • Enable or disable spending for certain merchant categories such as retail stores, entertainment venues, and gas stations
  • Receive real-time alerts on authorized or declined transaction attempts

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Manage Your Cards With CardControl Now

To start using CardControl, download the Fidelity Bank CardControl app from the Apple® App store or Google Play® store from your compatible mobile device.

Learn more about CardControl below.

What is CardControl?

CardControl is a convenient way to manage usage of your Fidelity Bank cards.

Is CardControl free?

Yes. With CardControl you have unlimited access to all features at no extra charge.

What features come with CardControl?

  • Use Mobile Banking to access CardControl features.
  • Protect your card from unauthorized transactions by turning your card on or off.
  • Control card usage by setting spending limits.
  • Control and monitor activity by category such as gas stations and restaurants and by type such as in store or online purchase.
  • Set up alerts for transactions and receive real time notifications.

Which Fidelity Bank card can I use with CardControl?

ALL Fidelity Bank credit cards and debit cards will work with CardControl.

Can I use CardControl as often as I would like?

Yes. With CardControl you have unlimited access to all features at no extra charge.

What are the requirements to have CardControl with my Fidelity Bank card?

  • Must be a personal or small business Fidelity Bank customer with a debit or credit card.
  • Must enroll in Mobile Banking.
  • Have a mobile smart device with the Fidelity Bank mobile app and the Fidelity Bank CardControl app.

How long does it take for my debit card to be turned off or on?

When you disable or enable your card using CardControl, your card will turn off or on in a matter of seconds.  When the card is off, purchases and withdrawals are declined until you turn the card on again – giving you peace of mind if your card is lost or stolen or you suspect fraudulent activity.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Immediately use CardControl to turn the card off, preventing all further unauthorized transactions. When you have determined your card to be truly lost or stolen, contact Fidelity Bank customer care center at 1-855-547-1385 and select option 5 for credit card and option 6 for debit card.  We will have your card deactivated and send you a new card.

If I set Control Preferences, does Fidelity Bank monitor my account for fraud less strictly?

No. Control Preferences set by our customers do not remove or relax controls that we have in place. Your security is our top priority. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about this service?

Please contact your local Fidelity Bank branch or call 1-855-547-1385 and select option 5 for credit card and option 6 for debit card.