The gift-giving season is here and it’s time to spread some holiday cheer. Don’t let security threats and scams ruin the fun. Here are some tips to stay safe during the holidays:

  1. Use trusted vendors and apps. Purchase from established vendors to limit the risk of scams. Watch for malicious links or redirects to fake sites. Also, be sure to install mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your Android device; avoid installs that are driven from website links.
  2. Don’t use free, public Wi-Fi connections. Your payment card information could be intercepted. Instead, use your mobile service provider’s internet connection for enhanced security.
  3. Avoid the urge to rush. Take your time to examine links and check for signs of a secure site (e.g. the lock symbol and https://). Also, avoid any sites that end in suspicious domains such as .cc or .ru.
  4. Be aware of phishing attempts. Watch out for fake shipping notices, too-good-to-be-true offers, and phony fraud warnings that could infect your computer or trick you into disclosing payment information. Don’t click on suspicious links or open attachments in unexpected emails or text messages. Remember, Fidelity Bank will never ask you for your debit or credit card PIN number, the 3-digit security code on the back of your card, temporary access code, or your online banking log in credentials.
  5. Create unique passwords. A unique password for every website is a must. If one retailer’s website is compromised, having unique passwords for each website you frequent will lessen the risk of the fraudster having information to log in to other websites, such as online banking, credit cards, etc.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. If using an ATM, be aware of your surroundings and check for tampering. Criminals can place devices on card readers that copy account details, which can be used to commit fraudulent purchases or withdrawals.
  7. Monitor your bank accounts. Notify your bank immediately if you see anything suspicious.

At Fidelity Bank, your security is very important to us. Protecting your information and your account is our highest priority. By increasing your awareness, you can help avoid common cybersecurity and identity-theft issues. For more tips, visit Fidelity Bank Privacy & Security.