If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never switched banks. In fact, one study reported that the average amount of time a person has had their existing checking account is over 14 years!

In today’s digital age, it’s hard to imagine not shopping around for better options. Can you imagine going 14 years without comparing car insurance rates, cell phone plans, or any other service that helps you on a daily basis? Making sure you have access to the best checking and saving options shouldn’t be any different!

If you’ve had your current checking account for a while or are not in love with your current bank, then it might be time to compare your options. Keep reading for five tell-tale signs that it’s time to switch banks!

1. You’re Always Waiting On Customer Service

Chances are you talk to your bank more often than any other financial institution. What was your last interaction like? Were you on hold forever, talking to someone in a different state, or having to chat with a robot before being transferred to a person? Does your bank know you by name and find ways to help you reach your goals?

If the customer service at your current bank doesn’t make banking easier, it might be time to switch banks.  

One of the best ways to gauge a bank’s level of customer service is by checking their online reviews. Seeing what others say about their experience can help you know what to expect. As a bank with over 1,600 5-star reviews, we can promise this helps! Click here to read ours and see for yourself.

2. High Minimum Requirements

Some banks advertise a lot of perks but hide the fact that they are only available if you have a high minimum balance. What’s worse is you may incur additional fees if you don’t keep and maintain that balance. That essentially leaves you with a checking account that doesn’t do much and requires you to pay a storage fee for your money.

If you feel you are being held hostage by account requirements and fees, it might be time to switch banks. 

When comparing checking and saving account options, make sure to choose a financial institution that is transparent with fees and offers tools to make banking easier for you. View our checking account options as an example!

3. Mobile App & Digital Banking Options Are Lacking

If you’d rather not drive to your local bank, you’re not alone. One study found that over 75% of people use a mobile banking app to manage their money, and 60% of those people use it in place of going to a branch.

If your current bank doesn’t offer a mobile app, or if it lacks features that would make your life easier, it may be time to switch banks. 

What features should you look for? Mobile check deposit, the ability to set customized alerts, the ability to turn a debit card on/off, and the ability to transfer money are just a few benefits you should look for in a mobile app, but options can vary between banks. Take a tour of our mobile banking options and use them as a comparison to your existing account!

4. Perks Program Is Lackluster Or Nonexistent

You work hard for your money, and your bank should work hard to help you save money with a comprehensive perks program! While programs can vary between banks, there’s one thing for certain: there shouldn’t be any challenging or hidden requirements.

If your bank makes you jump through hoops and navigate mountains of fine print to access your perks, it might be time to switch banks. 

At Fidelity Bank, our PreferredEliteStudent Plus, and At Work Plus accounts come with premium perks, savings, and everyday protection. And they are powered by the BaZing network, which features the nation’s largest network of coupons and discounts! Click here to learn more and see all the benefits.

5. You’re Worried About Getting Hacked

Protecting your accounts online, especially ones connected to your finances is a big deal! While you may not have a say in your bank’s safety protocols, you should check to make sure your bank offers fraud prevention tools to help keep your accounts safe.

If it’s been a while since you reviewed your bank’s privacy and security policy, now’s the time! 

At Fidelity Bank, privacy and security are at the forefront of all we do. Learn how we protect our customers from scammers by clicking here.

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