Cash Management Services

A collection of business cash management services allows your business to improve cash flow and maximize profit. Plus, it will help you reduce costs, and have more control over your everyday banking functions.




Automatic Payment Solutions

  • Submit payroll
  • Make vendor payments
  • Collect payments, dues, and recurring drafts
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Move your money faster with Fidelity Bank’s automatic payment solutions. Our automatic payment solutions allow you to send money electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to virtually any financial institution in the United States. ACH transactions are scheduled securely through our easy to use Business Online Banking Advantage System. The ACH network enables you to perform the following types of transactions:

Direct Deposit/Payroll Use the Direct Deposit ACH services for payroll, vendor payments, and to move money securely to other financial institutions.

  • Simplify balancing your accounts
  • Peace of mind knowing your transaction will be received
  • Avoid lost checks
  • Save money on check and mailing costs
  • Reduces costs of payroll administration and distribution time
  • Provides complete audit trail for documentation


Automatic Drafting Use the Automatic Drafting ACH services to bring money into your business checking account for payment collection, dues, and recurring drafts.

  • Accelerates funds availability
  • Simplify accounting by collecting payments electronically
  • Control when your deposits post to your account
  • Provides a convenient way for customers to make payments
  • Reduces bad check expense
  • Transfer funds from a non-Fidelity Bank account to Fidelity Bank account electronically



Wire Transfer

  • Send domestic wire transfers or international wire transfers
  • Set up single, recurring, or future dated wire transfers
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A convenient way to make secure, same day1 payments to accounts at other financial institutions. Fidelity Bank offers both domestic and international wire transfer options.

  • Access wire transfer system easily through Fidelity Bank Business Online Banking Advantage
  • Submit wire requests anytime
  • Send domestic wire transfers or international wire transfers in U.S. dollars
  • Set up single, recurring, or future dated wire transfers to save you time
  • Create templates of frequent payees for fast and easy wire transfers
  • View up to 18 months of wire transfer history



Submit domestic wire requests by 4 p.m. ET (in branch and online) and international wire requests by 3 p.m. ET (in branch) and 4 p.m. ET (online) in order for transfers to be processed the same day. Bank holiday’s and weekends do not apply.

Fraud Prevention

  • Minimize the potential for fraudulent check activity
  • Block ACH transactions not authorized by you
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Enjoy peace of mind with Fidelity Bank’s fraud prevention services. Our Positive Pay and ACH Monitor services protect your business from fraud by easily detecting fraudulent checks and ACH transactions.

Positive Pay Helps to detect and stop check fraud. Positive Pay works by comparing an issued check file you supply to the checks Fidelity Bank receives. If any check does not match the information in your issued check file, the check is marked as a possible fraudulent item within our Business Online Banking Advantage system.

  • Minimizes the potential of fraudulent check activity
  • Scans for duplicate checks and for fields that do not match the issue file
  • Review checks marked as potentially fraudulent and control what checks are paid or returned online

ACH Filter/Block Helps to protect your account against electronic fraud by blocking and returning any ACH transactions not authorized by you.

  • Monitor your accounts for potentially fraudulent ACH transactions
  • Block particular types of transactions that you did not authorize
  • Review pending ACH transactions and control what is paid or returned onlineThere are several easy to use options to safeguard your account:
    • Filter: Allows you to establish specified criteria for approved transactions. Exceptions to the specified criteria will require approval to pay or return to sender.
    • Credit/Debit Block: Automatically returns all ACH  credits or debits that attempt to post to your account.
    • Total Block: Automatically returns all ACH transactions that attempt to post to your account.



Account Reconciliation

  • Automatically reconcile checks paid against your Fidelity Bank account
  • Centralize cash by making deposits from multiple business locations into a single checking account
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Our Account Reconciliation Plans are designed to quickly and automatically reconcile all checks paid against your Fidelity Bank account. This convenient service, helps to save time and save money on the expenses associated with reconciling your checking account.

Full Reconciliation You provide us with information on checks issued during the reconcilement period, and we compare it with the checks that have been paid. We will send you a consolidated report of paid and unpaid checks, along with category totals (separate reports available upon request).

Partial Reconciliation No information on checks you issue during the reconcilement period is required. We will provide:

  • A report listing the check number, amount, and date paid for all checks during the period
  • The total number and dollar amount for checks paid during the period
  • Notation of any checks you report as voided or canceled during the period

Deposit Reconciliation Helps to centralize cash. All of your locations can make their deposits at any Fidelity Bank branch into a single checking account. A unique serial number on each location’s deposit slips enables us to identify and report deposit activity to you by location.

  • Save money on bank fees and in-house expenses by eliminating multiple deposit accounts and funds transfers
  • Access deposit activity information easily through Fidelity Bank Business Online Banking Advantage
  • Cover disbursement needs with concentrated deposits into a single account
  • Receive detailed summary reports by location that can be produced daily, weekly, or monthly – saving you time

Electronic Data Interchange

  • Reduce errors from manual payment processes
  • Provides certainty of payment timeliness
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Electronic Data Interchange helps to apply electronic payments accurately. We search ACH transaction files for information such as invoice numbers and purchase order numbers. We then convert the data into a readable format and email it to you so you can be certain payments are applied correctly.

  • Reduces errors resulting from manual payment processes
  • Provides certainty of payment timeliness – ACH transactions only require one business day for settlement
  • Substitutes electronic messages for paper and speeds payment application



Remote Deposit Service

  • Make deposits easily from the convenience of your office
  • Extend deposit deadlines
  • Enhance security and accuracy of deposits
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Save time and money by making deposits easily online. Using the latest imaging technology, you can scan the checks you have received from your customers and then electronically transmit them to us for processing.

  • Extend deposit deadlines – preparing and transmitting a deposit is fast and easy, freeing you to focus on other important tasks. Images transmitted and confirmed by 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time each business day are posted for next day availability.
  • Enhance security and accuracy – Remote Deposit connections are protected by encryption and authentication. You can make your deposit and instantly verify that it was received by the bank. The Remote Deposit application will read the amount on each check and reconcile your deposit amount before the transaction is submitted.
  • Increase efficiency – locate specific deposited items quickly, create reports in a variety of formats, and print a deposit receipt for your records.
  • Installation and training assistance – our team of knowledgeable specialists are only a phone call away if your company need assistance with the application or equipment.
  • Conveniently view check images for up to 45 days and deposit history for up to 90 days

Click here to see if Remote Deposit Service is right for you!



Zero Balance Accounts

  • Eliminate idle balances in payment accounts to increase investment income and reduce borrowing costs
  • Prevent overdrafts and related costs
  • Eliminate the need to initiate manual transfers
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Keep your money working for your business with a Zero Balance Account. A Zero Balance Account will automatically maintain your payment and depository account at a zero balance by transferring funds from or to your operating account. Zero Balance Accounts are designed to help eliminate manual transfers of funds between accounts, reduce idle cash, and prevent overdrafts. At the end of each business day, Fidelity Bank automatically transfers funds from your master account into other accounts in the exact amounts needed to cover your payments. This simplifies funds transfer activity while maintaining account autonomy. Zero Balance accounts allow you to consolidate all of your company’s bank balances and create one pool of funds from which to determine your daily cash position and optimize funds. A Zero Balance Account helps to:

  • Eliminate idle balances in payment accounts to increase investment income and reduce borrowing costs
  • Prevent overdrafts and related costs – saving you money
  • Eliminate the need to initiate manual transfers
  • Maintain separate bank accounts for auditing purposes
  • Reduce administrative time and effort in monitoring daily cash positions



Wholesale Lockbox Service

  • Reduces in-house processing costs
  • Accelerates the collection of receivables and makes funds available faster
  • Reduces the possibility of theft, fraud, and error
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Speed up the collection of funds and save time and money with Fidelity Bank Wholesale Lockbox Service. Let the lockbox center process all of your deposits and clear payments promptly. Customers remit payments directly to a unique post office box that are then transported daily by bank courier to the processing center.

  • Reduces in-house processing costs
  • Accelerates the collection of receivables and makes funds available faster
  • Easy access to payment information from checks, invoices, or remittance forms
  • View same day transactions conveniently online
  • Reduces the possibility of theft, fraud, and error